MacArthur Transit Village--Entitlement

Work Samples

The Union

2011 Wood Street Apartment 

MacArthur Transit Village

The Phoenix

Pacific Cannery Lofts

Ironhorse at Central Station

Historic 16th Street Train Station

Armstrong Senior Apartments

Station House-South

Ice House, Townhouses

Mandela Townhouses,

AvéVista Apartments,

Tri Pointe Homes

Willow Park, , Entitlement

Wood Street Development, Entitlement

Roadway/Three Rivers Trucking, Entitlement

Station House-North, Entitlement

Westhaus 10, Entitlement

Station House-South, Entitlement

Ice House, Entitlement

CITYSPACES® 500 Kirkham, Entitlement

Wood Street Development Entitlement